Avery Antimicrobial Film Square Label Permanent 68 Per A4 Sheet Assorted Sizes Clear (Pack 680 Labels)



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99.9% Antimicrobial Film
Transparent self-adhesive label to protect items & surfaces from the spread of bacteria, virus, microbes.
Tested to eliminate the spread of bacteria (E-Coli, MRSA), viruses (Influenza A), fungal infestations.
Perfect for high touch areas.

  • Provides 24/7 continuous protection
  • Using cleaning chemicals on the sticker do not affect the antimicrobial functionality of the product
  • Still effective even when the film is cut into different shapes / sizes
  • Guaranteed to last up to 5 years
  • Safe to use - uses non-toxic active agent
  • Suitable for small/medium/large square buttons i.e. doorbells, elevator buttons, light switches, microwave, coffee machine buttons, printer buttons, etc
  • Important: This product is an additional aid in all the daily cleaning and disinfection procedures. It does not cure people infected with a virus or prevent them from contaminating others by different means. Respect social distancing for better protection against any type of virus.
Brand Avery
Colour Clear
Form Self Adhesive Film
Manufacturer Avery UK
Material Antimicrobial Film
Sheet Size A4 Sheets
Type Protective Screens